Morningtide Preview Crossword
Mark L. Gottlieb
Word Mode: Across Down

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14 15 16
17 18 19
20 21 22
23 24
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34 35 36
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40 41 42
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57 58 59
60 61 62
63 64 65

Current Across Clue

Current Down Clue

1.Spider ___
6.Alternative to 1% or 2%
10.Study of the stars: Abbr.
14.The Morningtide keyword "prowl" is featured exclusively on cards with this creature type
15.Prefix that falls between nano- and femto-
16.Pouncing Jaguar's keyword ability
17.Like water you'd put pasta into
18.Amazes, as with an unbelievable topdeck
19.She's got both a Touch and an Embrace
20.This Morningtide Merfolk creature has a mini-Millstone effect
23.Prefix seen before black or artifact
24.2006 Hall of Fame inductee Gary
25.___ Beating
29.This green creature has the same regeneration cost as Living Airship or Votary of the Conclave
31.Acronym that follows Dreamworks
34.Yawgmoth, Chainer, and Telim'Tor each have one
35.Former Israeli Prime Minister Golda
36.Gorilla Chieftain flavor text: "___—not you again?!" —Jaya Ballard, Task Mage
37.This Morningtide artifact is the set's Prerelease card
40.Horrible Hordes flavor text: Few are ___ to underestimate the hordes.
42.Weapon used in biathlon
43.Formerly known as
44.Evil Eye of Urborg's is red
45.___ of Suleiman
46.Wall of Junk flavor text: Urza saw the wall and realized that even if he ___ every Phyrexian to pieces, they would still resist him.
48.3-letter code for the Duel Masters set that precedes the sets coded MEE, MIN, and MOE
49.This Morningtide Elemental is the largest creature with flying ever printed
57.Chromeshell ___
58.See 61 Across
59.Goblin Sledder flavor text: "Let's play 'sled.' Here's how it works: ___ the sled."
60.___ fruit (cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine named for its unsightly appearance)
61.With 58 Across, where a certain Future Sight Shah hails from
62.What players play in RPGs
63.What Freyalise's World Spell caused the ice to do
64.By ___ of (due to)
65.Code name for the Coldsnap set
1.Get some last-minute studying in
2.Part of your brain or your ear
3.Although there's no mention of him on the card, he might've helped create Frankenstein's Monster
4.Conservationist who appears on the back of the California quarter
5.Empress Galina flavor text: "Above the waves you may be mighty indeed, but down here you ___ me."
6.Vertigo ___
7.Any member of the New Zealand national team, familiarly
8.Rapper who now stars on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
9.___ Bridge
10.___ of the Meek
11.This Morningtide sorcery lets you swap your lands for other lands
12.Leshrac's Rite flavor text: "Bind me to ___, my soul to thine. I am your servant and your slave. Blood for blood, flesh for flesh, Leshrac, my lord." —Lim-Dûl, the Necromancer
13.Kami of Fire's ___
21.Avatar of ___
22.This card can counter a Force of Will played for its alternative cost, but not one played for its mana cost
25.Toyota Camry or Ford Fusion, for example
26.Clay Hut, a building in the upcoming Uncivilized: The Goblin Game, may be described as being made of this
27.This Morningtide Faerie instant destroys a creature and gives you a token creature
28.Parcel of land
29.Phyrexian Bloodstock flavor text: It ___ of terror and chaos.
30.Mystic Snake flavor text: Its fangs are in your flesh before its ___ leaves your ears.
32.Debtors' ___
33."___ who it is" (response to a knock at the door)
36."Triskelion comes into play with three +1/+1 counters ___."
38.Niv-Mizzet's nickname, with "the"
39.The Darksteel theme deck "Master Blaster" contains two of these mana-producing creatures
44.Giant's ___
45.Unyaro ___ Sting
47.Path traced by any of Mirrodin's moons
48.Coercion flavor text: Though he held the title of prime minister, Cao Cao used the emperor's name to ___ his own influence on the empire.
49.Steadfast Guard flavor text: "Best leave your tongue in its yap-hole, Mercadian ___, for your silvered words and golden bribes do not sparkle so brightly outside your city."
50.Aggressive ___
51.NYPD Blue actor Morales
53.Synonym for enervate or fatigue that probably won't be used as a card name anytime soon
54.Stone Rain : Lay Waste :: Fog : ___
55."Flip Falling Star onto the playing ___ from a height of at least one foot."
56."Put the ___ on the bottom of your library in any order."