1W 2D 3B 4R 5Q 6H 7V 8C 9J 10C 11X 12R 13I 14M 15P 16F 17Q 18H 19W 20T
21Y 22L 23G 24O 25I 26D 27R 28U 29J 30V 31K 32Q 33B 34W 35T 36H 37X 38N 39J 40I 41E
42S 43C 44H 45L 46P 47A 48J 49B 50F 51I 52W 53M 54E 55K 56V 57R 58L 59N 60P 61O 62G
63B 64X 65U 66E 67J 68V 69R 70W 71D 72S 73O 74H 75I 76P 77Y 78T 79E 80J 81N 82Q 83W
84R 85O 86V 87K 88P 89D 90L 91C 92S 93R 94H 95A 96V 97I 98O 99J 100S 101U 102P
103M 104Q 105N 106R 107F 108J 109B 110S 111A 112W 113H 114K 115P 116E 117B 118D 119C 120R 121L 122G 123X
124J 125O 126S 127M 128E 129V 130L 131P 132R 133W 134B 135Y 136H 137F 138Q 139T 140D 141G 142L
143R 144H 145W 146I 147C 148D 149O 150P 151Y 152E 153W 154G 155Q 156J 157V 158H 159C 160S 161I 162O
163Y 164J 165Q 166B 167R 168X 169F 170P 171T 172V 173J 174M 175C 176Q 177H 178B 179L 180P 181W
182R 183C 184S 185O 186J 187L 188H 189U 190R 191E 192I 193W 194T 195S 196V 197Q 198B 199P 200M 201A
202J 203I 204H 205X 206E 207B 208R 209P 210W 211M 212T 213J 214O 215H 216B 217Y 218R 219L 220S

AWord before Rod or Profusion
BThis Arcane sorcery has the same mana cost and rules text as a Legends instant
CThis creature's activated ability has the same effect as Limestone Golem's activated ability—and, oddly, neither card is blue
DGiant Tortoise (after the Masters Edition Oracle update happens) and Vintara Snapper, for example
EThe most expensive card (in terms of converted mana cost) that also requires you to discard a card to play it
FThe art featured on the only Unglued card with any asterisks printed on it is an homage to this real-life person
GLes ___-Unis (13th-place team at the 2006 World Championships in Paris)
HThe first creature ever printed that could grant itself protection from red
IAt the end of your third turn, the only cards in play are two Deserts (controlled by your opponent) and five Forests and a Rushwood Elemental enchanted with two Briar Shields (all controlled by you). Besides those, only one other card has been played this game. What is it?
JThe most expensive instant (in terms of converted mana cost) that can counter a spell
KErtai, Wizard Adept : Cancel :: Brown Ouphe : this card
LIf you add a U to this Dissension rare's first creature type and anagram it, you'll get its second creature type
MLike a floor still littered with the remnants of a card-throwing battle (as frequently seen in Wizards of the Coast R&D), or like a player who managed to win a game in a best-of-3 match
N38 of the 41 creatures printed with this creature type on their type lines also feature the creature type in their names
OThis card and Dragon Engine are the only Sixth Edition rares originally printed as commons
PThe Tenth Edition card that had been out of print the longest
QThe only vanilla Unhinged creature
RThe Future Sight set and the Tenth Edition set each contain a legendary creature directly based on this legendary creature
SThe only card with a single-word name that can generate a Zombie token
TThis card has the same mana cost and the same activated ability cost as Whetwheel
UFormation's art might feature these Australian birds (or their Dominarian equivalents)
VQuiet Purity : Aura Blast :: Unnatural Speed : this card
WPlaying this Torment card with threshold gives you the same effect as spending 6RR to play Illuminate with kicker
XWord before Artist or Routes
YThis card's art features both Multani and Urza