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Submission Guidelines


Wizards of the Coast, Inc. publishes many game lines, including collectible card games, miniatures games, roleplaying games, and boardgames. Most of those games come from our internal R&D department, or are specifically solicited by R&D. We only review submissions from professionals in the game industry. On occasion, we contract with professional brokers and agents who review outside game designs. We do not review unsolicited game ideas, return submissions, or make comments on submissions we do not review.

If you have a game you'd like Wizards of the Coast to review for publication, we recommend that you contact an agent, broker, or other experienced game industry professional.

Some of the companies we have worked with include:

Book Publishing

Interested in writing novels or short stories? Please check out the submission guidelines.

Art Portfolios

Wizards of the Coast makes games that plunge deep into the limitless realms of fantasy, science fiction, and adventure. We use art in product covers, interior illustrations, novel covers, card art, packaging, and advertising in print and on the web. We have an ongoing demand for talented artists like you.

Wizards provides a competitive pay scale and an environment of artistic freedom and exploration.

Our company uses and will review samples of all forms of illustration with a distinct emphasis on:

  • Fantasy art (contemporary and traditional/medieval)
  • Science fiction art (space opera and cybertech)
  • Concept illustration (concept development, architecture, environments, vehicles/equipment)
  • Cartography (2D, 3D and isometric)

Digital Submission Only

Wizards accepts only digital forms of sample artwork to review -- specifically, anything that can be submitted by email. Emails can include jpegs, pdfs, and links to web pages.

Hard copy art submissions will not be reviewed.

Submit portfolio information for review to

In-Person Portfolio Review

If you desire an in-person review of your portfolio, we offer such reviews at a limited selection of conventions that our art directors attend in conjunction with company needs each year.

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