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d20 Weapons Locker

d20 Modern Supplement

Keith J. Potter

Lock and Load, then Rock and Roll
Check your target and open fire. Inside, you'll find a fully illustrated arsenal ranging from pistols and submachine guns to grenade launchers and antimateriel rifles. The d20 Weapons Locker provides detailed descriptions and statistics for reach firearm to make sure the characters of any d20 Modern roleplaying game are packing the right gun for the job.

Over 500 individual firearms are fully illustrated and described in detail, including statistics for roleplaying, and every firearm described actually exists in the real world.

To use this product, you also need the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game core rulebook. For players and Gamemasters, this product is compatible with other d20 System roleplaying games.

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Item Code881570000
Release DateFebruary 2004

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