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Practical Guide to Faeries, A

Susan Morris

If you can read this note, you are one of the lucky ones chosen to learn about our world. Guard our secrets well!

Step inside the secret world of faeries.

You can't get there on purpose. You won't find it on any map. And you can't take the same road there twice. But the world of faeries is very real -- from the underground workshop where brownies craft toys to the enchanted forests where pixies play stickyball.

You may never want to go home again!

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Correction: Emily Fiegenschuh is the artist for the cover painting of A Practical Guide to Faeries ( We mistakenly credited Eva Widermann instead. This error will be corrected in subsequent editions of the book. For now, our apologies to both artists for the mix-up!

Item Code239887200
Release DateJanuary 2009
FormatTrade Hardcover
Price$12.95 ($16.95 Canada)

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