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Secrets of Naboo

Star Wars

Steve Miller and JD Wiker

The peaceful planet of Naboo has been invaded by the treacherous Trade Federation. From the plendid streets of Theed to the underwater cities of Otoh Gunga, spectacular adventures await heores willing to brave their dangers and confront battle droids and destroyer droids.

The planet Naboo, from the greatest space fantasy of all time, is ready for your campaign!


  • Equipment, weapons, and vehicles native to Naboo
  • The secrets of Naboo and the city of Theed
  • The mysteries of Otoh Gunga and the Gungan species
  • The treachery of the Trade Federation and its army of killing machines
  • A ready-to-play adventure set on Naboo for 2nd-level Star Wars heroes

To use this campaign pack, a Gamemaster also needs the Star Wars Roleplaying Game

Item Codetsr11794
Release DateFebruary 2001
Price$19.95 ($0.00 Canada)

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