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New 'Codename: Kids Next Door Trading Card Game' Seeks To Be “Numbuh One” Among Young Children

Feb 17, 2005, Renton, Wash. — Beginning this summer, children everywhere will be invited to join the covert team of operatives known as the Kids Next Door by playing the first-ever game featuring the agents from Cartoon Network's popular animated series Codename: Kids Next Door. Scheduled to be released late July 2005 from Wizards of the Coast, a developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products and a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc., (NYSE: HAS), CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR Trading Card Game (TCG) is especially designed to appeal to young children new to the trading card game genre.

Codename: Kids Next Door, the story of five extraordinary 10-year-olds, who have formed a covert team called the Kids Next Door launched on Cartoon Network in December 2002 and quickly gained a loyal fan base. The Kids Next Door invites kids to join a secret club empowering them to solve extraordinary missions using technology and teamwork while fighting for kids' rights.

CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR TCG players start with a deck of cards featuring the five agents on 5 different color cards. On their turn, players decide if they want to engage in a face-off competition using their top card, or instead place that card into the Kids Next Door's tree house headquarters. Cards placed in the tree house help boost the power of cards that are played in future face-offs.

When cards are played in a face-off, the player with the higher number (which may get boosted by a card banked in the tree house) wins the round. The first player to win 5 rounds wins the game, ensuring an entire game can be played in five minutes or less.

And what happens when each player plays a same-colored card? Both players race to be the first to slap a giant panic button placed on the playing mat to determine the round's winner.

“CODENAME: KIDS NEXT DOOR TCG provides a fun and easy point of entry for six to eight-year olds to begin enjoying the fascinating game play found exclusively in trading card games,” said Chris Erb, Senior Brand Manager at Wizards of the Coast. “The new game provides a foundation for understanding the core elements of trading card games and incorporates just enough strategy to match the skill level of young children.”

The starter set, which includes cards, playing mat and panic button, has a suggested retail price of $8.99. Booster packs, which expand the game play, have a suggested retail price of $2.99. Wizards of the Coast will produce the game via a licensing agreement with Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE:HAS), is a worldwide leader in the trading card game and tabletop roleplaying game categories, and a leading developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products. The company holds an exclusive patent on trading card games (TCGs) and their method of play and produces the premier trading card game, MAGIC: THE GATHERING, among many other trading card games and family card and board games. Wizards is also a leading publisher of roleplaying games, such as DUNGEONS & DRAGONS, and publisher of fantasy series fiction with numerous New York Times best-sellers. For more information, visit the Wizards of the Coast website at

Warner Bros. Consumer Products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company, is one of the leading licensing and retail merchandising organizations in the world.

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