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Pokemon Trading Card Game News

TO: Loyal Pokémon Players
FR: Chuck Huebner
President & Chief Executive Officer
Wizards of the Coast

RE: Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire TCG Releases

March 12, 2003

I want to let you know that Wizards of the Coast has learned that our proposal to the Pokémon Company to manufacture and distribute the Ruby & Sapphire releases was not accepted. We felt our proposal was fair and appropriate based on what we knew the property to be worth through our first hand experiences.

I would like to take this opportunity to let our loyal community of fans know we will continue to fully support the Pokémon trading card game community throughout the rest of our existing agreements. In fact, we will release another Pokémon-e expansion named Skyridge (April), and a Legendary Collection II set (late Spring), as well as a Jamboree expansion later this year. These releases will be as exciting and as fun to collect, trade and play as the Pokémon releases we have provided you over the past 15 releases with nearly 10 billion cards sold globally over the past 5 years.

You should also know that Wizards of the Coast is finalizing the plans for a Pokémon Fan appreciation tournament to take place Saturday July 26th at the GenCon Gaming Convention in Indianapolis. Wizards will also be supporting Pokémon organized play through BattleZone, the upcoming Skyridge Super BattleZone, the Professor Championship at Origins, and the Team Multiplay Championship at Gen Con. To learn even more about Wizards of the Coast products and our trading card games visit

It is important to note that while we will not be manufacturing and distributing the Pokémon trading card game after the above releases, the large worldwide player base that has evolved can carry on the fun and enjoyment of playing, trading, collecting. I would encourage all of you to contact the Pokémon Company for details regarding its plans for tournaments and organize play events. While Wizards of the Coast won’t be working on the Pokémon trading card game, we have a long list of other lifestyle games that will appeal to many of you like Magic: The Gathering, Star Wars, and MLB Showdown trading card games.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who has purchased our products, participated in the many events that we have hosted such as the Super Trainer Showdowns, mall tours, Pokémon Leagues, and last year’s World Championship in Seattle.

Hope to see all of you in Indianapolis this summer.

Warm regards,


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